Being a leader can sometimes be one of the loneliest positions.  Too many times peers and subordinates tell you what they think you want to hear.  Little to no candid feedback is obtained.  This can lead to confusion and inability in obtaining feedback needed to make optimal decisions.

An independent coach can provide feedback and arm you with the skills to obtain candid feedback.  Utilizing a coach can enable and provide objectivity, listen to questions, share experiences and work together to maximize your performance.  Establishing rapport and trust with someone outside of your organization can energize you and provide the ability to develop new perspectives.  This frequently leads to personal changes, positive alternative actions, understandings and solutions.

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Provided consulting services for preparing presentation to win approximately a $2.0 million design, landfill remediation and construction management project. The competition was two firms with approximately 3,000 and 26,000 professionals. The client had 400 professionals.

- Client desires and needs were determined.
- Developed presentation to address desires and needs
- Positively differentiated the client from the competition.
- Developed a schedule to meet deadlines
- Provided approach, questions and guidance to the team
-Advised and coached team in preparing for presentation and interview.
The presentation and interview went perfectly and the customer selected our client team

Numerous past and present ongoing coaching engagements with CFOs and Controllers regarding leading in an engineering and/or construction company.

Lee worked nine years as a project manager with Ernst & Young.  Audit and management consulting assignments with Fortune 50 to small companies were constantly in process and completed.   For the past 15+ years, consulting assignments completed with Lee James & Associates still utilize the project management skills developed and implemented in practice and with clients.  This experience is utilized in coaching project managers in developing their skills in completing projects  on time and on budget while building relationship and delivering quality work that meets the needs of clients and company profitability.

Strengths of individuals are leveraged to address and resolve weaknesses and recognize improvement needed.

Utilizing the traits of a servant leader by listening, probing, questioning, challenging, providing information and feedback, developing alternative solutions, empathy and understanding of the individual, coaching inspires the person to address the issues holding them back from developing and achieving the ultimate of their capabilities.