Win/Win Negotiating

With clients challenging terms, conditions, fees, changes & other technical and business issues, negotiating skills are more important than ever. Many clients are taught the skills of negotiating & use those skills daily. They prove that if they ask, they will receive.

Those professionals who become comfortable negotiating positively differentiate themselves & their company. Better terms, conditions, pricing and schedules are obtained. When changes occur, more favorable adjustments result. Whatever technical or business issues arise that needs compromise; the professional that is trained & prepared to negotiate positively will achieve the best outcome.

This seminar prepares you for negotiating and feeling more comfortable with the process. It will arm you with the skills to understand the negotiating process, recognize tactics used by others, develop approaches that fit with you & methods to succeed in obtaining what you deserve while building strong relationships with clients & suppliers. The skills learned will be used daily in your professional & personal lives.

Numerous real-life experiences, case studies & negotiating exercises are used to teach and bring to light the principles taught. Sessions are highly interactive with active learning occurring throughout.

These “10 Winning Negotiating Tactics” include principles to build stronger relationships and obtain what is deserved during the negotiating process.  This video will help individuals become better negotiators – personally and professionally.  The video can be viewed in pieces that include the following area:

  • Introduction  |  0 – 12:05
  • Tenet # 1         Ask or You Shall Not Receive  |  12:06 – 15:35
  • Tenet # 2         Never Stop Negotiating and Searching for Alternatives  |  15:36 – 20:10
  • Tenet # 3         Ask Questions Instead of Making Statements  |  20:11 – 21:25
  • Tenet # 4         Be Prepared to Give Up Something  |  21:26 – 23:45
  • Tenet # 5         Control Your Emotions  |  23:46 – 26:55
  • Tenet # 6         Do Not Set Firm Deadlines  |  26:56 – 28:05
  • Tenet # 7         Be Prepared and Able to Walk Away  |  28:06 – 29:40
  • Tenet # 8         Silence is Golden  |  29:41 – 30:45
  • Tenet # 9         Dumb is Smart and Smart is Dumb  |  30:46 – 33:45
  • Tenet # 10       Everything is Negotiable  |  33:46 – 36:10
  • Conclusion  |  36:11 – 37:40
  • Questions and Answers  |  37:41 – 42:25


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Definitions, when and where negotiating occurs, Ten Tenets of Negotiating, approach comparisons

Objectives, alternatives, prioritizing, timing, research, use of experts

Logistics, determining authority, assessing others negotiating style, reaching your objectives, controlling emotions, caucusing

Timing, trade-offs, when to offer concessions, addressing impasses, when to walk away, documenting

Pricing, payment terms & conditions, billing & collecting, change order, budget overrun – exercises

Empowered employees, delighted customers and increased profit


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