Internal Transition Consulting

Proactively addressing ownership transition involves both business and personal issues. Properly planned ownership transition is crucial in assuring present and future owners obtain what they deserve. It must not be a reactionary exercise that is instituted just prior to retirement of present owner(s). Any company that does not have an appropriate ownership transition program is at risk of losing key employees. The loss of such employees may undermine established relationships with clients and the technical and managerial capabilities needed for the company to succeed in the future. This could result in the unwanted but forced sale or merger of the company. Lee James & Associates can assist in assuring such issues are fully addressed.

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Representative projects include working closely with leadership in determining their needs and desires for transferring ownership to others within their firm.

- Establish process to successfully transfer ownership to other leaders in the firm.

-  Projects are personalized to the individual needs of the client.

-  Confidentiality agreements are completed before the start of work.

Example services include:
- Review of past years’ financial statements, tax returns, current year plans, backlog, future financial projections and other relevant company data.

- Meeting with the present and prospective owners to determine their wants and needs.

- Valuation work is performed to determine the “fair value” of the Company.

- Projections for several future years are usually completed to assess the reasonableness of the present and future ownership transition plan.

- Drafting or review of Buy/Sell agreement to determine needed changes and coordination with legal counsel.

- Addressing levels of ownership and threshold levels.

- Questions and answers for prospective owners.