Strategic Planning

Facilitating the strategic planning process includes leading a planning team through assessing where the firm is now and where it wants to be in the future. This process is completed with no predetermined goals or specific outcomes. It is proven to lead people through strategic thinking and assessment that assure appropriate areas are strategically addressed with the planning team determining the final results.

Strategic action items are developed with metrics to measure progress. These action items address the what, when, where, who and how of assuring the strategic plan is implemented. After the plan is developed and documented, frequently assistance is provided in developing tactics to assure implementation is successfully completed.

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Projects are personalized to meet your specific needs and include facilitating and leading you through the process of strategic thinking and assessment.

- Process assures the right areas are addressed and assessed from a strategic perspective.

- Specifics often include business strategies within the industry

- SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis

- Assessment of future strategy including options and alternatives

- Acceptance and commitment by the leadership team.

- Strategic action items are developed to assure follow-up and implementing.

- We often work with our clients in follow-up assignments to assure strategic planning is successfully implemented.

Process is facilitated to assure you and your people can concentrate on strategy planning instead of being concerned about functioning of process and involvement of those included in the process.

Developing report of process and conclusions for communication to employees.

Developing tactics to assure strategy developed is implemented.

Metrics are developed to measure implementation success.