Strategy Development

With competition being greater than ever, strategy development is more important and crucial to future success. How does a firm differentiate to assure a competitive advantage that result in sustainable success? Obtaining independent and objective advice can add significant value and further enable the development of strategy that more thoroughly considers relevant forces. Examples include external impacts and internal factors such as present and past cultural issues.

How this is accomplished is as important as what is recommended. Relevant experience and the ability to explain benefits and value make it easier to overcome obstacles in developing and implementing strategy. The most successful strategy fits with your culture, employees, clients and business objectives.

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Lee serves on numerous engineering consulting firm boards, committees and other philanthropic boards.

Is your organizational structure meeting your needs?  If not, what changes could help you better meet the needs of your owners, employees and clients?

Culture developed can have very positive and negative implications.  The impact of culture has strong and lasting implications on success.  How is the positive maintained while changing the negative impacts?

How do you differentiate your company from the competition?  Do your employees understand, believe and able to utilize this differentiation to positively position and win work?

Whether you want to transfer internally or externally, we have the expertise to professionally complete the transition.   Numerous internal ownership transition engagements have been completed.  And if a purchase or sale is desired, several such transactions have been successfully consummated.

We assist firms in their planning process for developing their annual plans.  This often follows work performed regarding strategic planning.  This facilitating assures that tactical planning is implemented more than strategic.

- What specifically should be achieved this year and how should we plan to accomplish?

- What are the challenges and how can they be overcome?

- What lessons can be learned from the past?

These questions and other more specific to each assignment are developed and used to assure the planning process is completed efficiently and effectively.  To complete the process, action items are assigned with completion dates for the group to assure all is accomplished as is needed.

Business Strategy 

Projects are often completed that address developing and implementing a successful approach that meets the needs of clients, employees and profitability.

- What is the Company’s business strategy?

- Are Company personnel aware of the strategy and following it?

- How does the Company differentiate itself from the competition?

- How is the Company inconsistent with its strategy?

The What, When, Where, Who, Why and How of strategy are assessed with needed changes implemented to meet the Company’s present and future needs.

Do your processes and systems maximize performance and delivery of quality by your people to your clients?  Are your processes and systems appropriate given your culture, employees and client needs?

How can your reporting be improved to understand your operations, reward and hold your people accountable?  Does your reporting provide you the appropriate information from the beginning of, the development of and delivery of your value proposition?